We at WOODIFY pay special care and attention to the drying of the wood to ensure it is in the perfect condition for use in the production of construction wood, furniture, flooring and wall linings, etc. There are several reasons for drying the wood, the main one being to prevent the water in the wood from being removed once it is in service.

In addition, the following reasons exist for drying the wood:

  • A reduction in weight:
  • Changes in size (swelling and shrinkage)
  • Increase in mechanical resistance
  • Rendering it suitable for preparation
  • Fungus attacks
  • A variation in electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Acoustic insulation

Drying the wood consists of several phases, The first phase takes place immediately after sawing and can last for between 4 and 12 months depending on its thickness.

Once the first phase has been concluded the wood is placed in artificial dryers. The entire process, the humidity, temperature and final stability of the wood is controlled by computer.

We use biomass boilers, so all the fuel required for this process comes from the waste generated at our production plants (sawdust, shavings, firewood, etc.).

The artificial drying time will vary in accordance with to the species and the thickness and can last for between 7 and 40 days.

The end result is perfectly dry wood with a moisture level of between 8% and 11%, thereby minimising the risk of the material moving once it has been installed on-site or used to produce furniture.